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music is not a privilege. it's a necessity.

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OUR Mission

Please consider making a donation to help us provide music and art education and performance to everyone.

Paracademia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

A lecture - concert series designed to broaden a young musician's vision into the world of music careers

Music education

As children, we all create art. We sing and dance together, we build sand castles, we make up stories and draw landscapes on the walls of our room. then somehow, life teaches us to become serious, get a 'real' profession and stop 'playing around', and links to our inner artist get broken.

At Paracademia, we keep those links alive and awake them if they fall asleep.

Paracademia is committed to nurturing and revitalizing our inner artists through the community efforts in education, collaborative productions and performances. 

We particularly support immigrants, especially women.

Music meditation

We give used computers you don't need new lives by putting them in hands of young music-makers who do!

Color you inhales and exhales with fluid sound and movement. New way to relax. New way to create.

Innovateive concepts like Green Classrooms, Organic Beets, Wasteless Instruments, Music Direct and more.

Our Programs