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Fusing Music, Fashion and Technology, this long-overdue concept is debuting with Piano Divas, April 21st at Gallery MC. We will present three pianists extraordinaire, playing contemporary music outfitted with technology-enhanced stage apparel (AKA Tek-Cessories) by Milica Paranosic.

Frederic Rzewski: Which side are you on?

Milica Paranosić: Kaboom

PIANO DIVAS April 21st 7 PM



Improvisations on themes by Milica Paranosic, Matt Herskowitz and others

Photo by Donald Corr

Photo by Ana Raquel

7 pm reception and fashion show with models/performance artists: Singers Hai-Ting Chinn, Jordan Rutter and Christin Byrdsong, Flutist Margaret Lancaster, actor Valerie Geffner, and others. The make-up will be provided by a Brooklyn based artist Aya Tariq

7:30 pm - concert, set 1 - Kathleen Supové

8 pm - concert, set 2 - Matt Herskowitz

8:30 pm - concert, set 3 - Danica Borisavljević

9 pm - afterparty and photoshoot

VIP ticket holders get complimentary prosecco and a photo opportunity with the divas

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel." Then cyberpunk Madonna has arrived, on the night of Dec 9th, bringing splashes of neon color, happy explosions of sounds, wearing wires and microchips as crowns and pianos like weapons against boredom.

Danica Borisavljevic


Miya Masaoka: The Greenland Fjords

Milica Paranosic: Meeting Jessica

Alexandra du Bois: Fjord 

On "that first trip out there", we're not enjoying the view or reflecting on the meaning of life. We're just groping around, trying to find our way!!! This is a tribute to these three composers, who have each, in their own way, gone into that uncharted territory.

Kathleen Supové

What I love about Piano Divas is its concept of mixing style with music, highlighting both in a new way, as well as adding some fun to the idea of a Piano Diva! I personally can't wait to play neo-romantic / neo-gothic music with my new neo-romantic / neo-gothic outfit designed by Milica specifically for this concert! 

Photo by Alan Dean