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Private Lessons

Composition Intensive

  • Intended to provide an accelerated training in composition and supporting disciplines.
  • 3-Week Course
  • Age group: 16 and up
  • Course Format: A combination of group and semi-private sessions.
  • Group size: up to 6 students
  • Winter Course: December  -  January
  • Spring Course: February - March
  • Summer Course: June - July

Introduction to Logic Pro X

  • Taught using Apple'sLogic Pro X. Performance and collaboration opportunities possible.
  • 13-Week Couse
  • Age group: 16 and up
  • Course Format: Group Class
  • Group size: Up to 6 students
  • Fall Course: September -  December
  • Spring Course: January - April
  • Summer Course: May - August
  • Mondays 6 - 8pm

Film Scoring

  • Taught using Apple's  Logic Pro X. Screenings and collaboration opportunities available.
  • 13-Week Course
  • Age group: 16 and up
  • Course Format: Group Class
  • Group size: Up to 6 students
  • Spring Course: January - April
  • Summer Course: May - August
  • Thursdays 6 - 8pm

Music For Filmmakers
Designed for directors and filmmakers of any style-genre.
We cover the basics of music theory, harmony, terminology,
form and styles, in order to make the music composition process more understandable and relatable to non-musicians, and to facilitate the conversation and collaboration with composers. In addition, we teach the basics of compositions and music editing, and encourage our students to experience the process themselves.

iPad and iPhone apps for young musicians.
Let the exciting gaming interface your child
loves make learning about music a fun and organic process.
Age Group: 5-12
Group Size: Small groups

Production and Composition for Media
Focusing on advanced techniques in Apple's Logic Pro X, Ableton
Live and Q-Lab. Great for composers, producers, and media artists. Performance and collaboration opportunities possible.
Age group: 16 and up
Class Size: Small groups

Interdisciplinary Performance
Creative/collaborative class designed to inspire, encourage and guide creation of interdisciplinary performances combining music, story telling, movement and visual elements.
This course includes a full-production showing open to
Age Group: 16 and up
Group Size: Small groups

All classes and lessons are custom-tailored to fit the needs of each student and are taught by  
Juilliard Music Faculty, composer and performance artist, Milica Paranosic.

Please contact us with any questions you might have. 

Private lessons include teaching in composition, electronic music, music production, collaborative performance and other areas.

Lesson plans are custom-tailored, developed specifically for each
student's needs.

Taught by Juilliard Music Faculty, Milica Paranosic
Age Group:  5 and up​
Group size: Private​​
Course Format: Flexible, Personalized

Dates: Year-Round
Course Time: Flexible
Enrollment Status: Open​

​Student requirements: Placement interview may be required​.
 Contact us for more information and start date.