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We are thrilled to have joined  HERE Arts Center as a HARP artist/co-producer of “Hybrid Suite No. 2: The Carmen Variations” together with InTandem Lab.

“Hybrid Suite No. 2: The Carmen Variations” is an electronic opera structurally inspired by Bizet’s Carmen. This project excavates different layers of feminine eroticism in an attempt to offer a view that challenges traditional stereotypes of foreignness and femininity. Framed as the story of an archeologist curating the exhibition of a fiction, it is the story of a successful but numb woman that will descend into the inner interstices of her psyche, to find a new skin.

Photo by Paula Court

music is not a privilege. it's a necessity.

short rehearsal video:

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting production. In the meantime enjoy a few photos by Paula Court from our recent workshop production