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Gorazd Poposki, Board Member, Associate director, Sculptor, Macedonian/American

Tania León,composer/conductor, Composers Now

Advisory Board, Cuban/American

Robert Brashear, Advisory Board

Former Pastor at West-Park Presbyterian Church

Benjamin Harwood, Treasurer, Board member

Financial Specialist (retired)

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Thank you for another beautiful night celebrating women. Brava!! I continue to be stunned by the innovative ways you have created to present music to the audience. And to empower women. So inspiring! 

 _ Yiling Mao, associate, parent of our student/collaborator Kyra MO

I miss you! Thanks for being the #1 piano teacher!

- Hmuu, Keyboard Student

She showed me how to use the computer!

- Kofi Agbeli, 10, student in Kopeyia, Ghana

You have been the sunshine in my education.

- Maria Elizabeth Niño Vanegas

She allowed us to seek, follow and grow in our own musical path. She made us work but let us have a lot of fun.

 - Mike Wells

I've had the grandest experience working with Milica at Paracademia. Her guidance and positive critique helped me to hone my creativity and skills when preparing a portfolio for Sonic Arts Masters Program I have been successfully accepted to. Her approach to "sensing" the students as well as "sensing" their composition aesthetic is uncanny and proved invaluable.

 - Kira Byelina, multimedia artist

As a singer/cellist, composer and collaborative musician I jumped at the opportunity to be mentored by Milica. Her extensive knowledge and experience as a performer, composerand collaborative multimedia artist inspired me to think outside the box with regards to my creative approach.  I was able to delve deeper into my craft and discover new ways to present my art.  As a result, I became a successful applicant on the London Symphony Orchestra Soundhub Composers Scheme leading to a commission with an ensemble of players from the orchestra.  I am deeply grateful for her generosity and intuitive guidance.  

 - Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the Apple Store community on Wednesday night. And thanks to your students for sharing their work and their thoughts. It was a really great community event. We look forward to having more with Paracademia soon!

- Mike Espar, Events Coordinator, Apple Store, Upper West Side, NYC

I learned tons of things from you (more than Logic), like your ability to make things happen always with your kind heart (that is difficult to find in adults). You have been the sunshine in my education.

- Maria Elizabeth Niño Vanegas, Film Scoring Student

You've already been teaching me a system for efficiently learning, creating, & delivering "products" under deadline - while having fun.  You are very inspiring in terms of letting go, being yourself, & yet somehow keeping focus & discipline.
- Chris Mark, Music Technology Student

Milica Paranosic’s skillful discourse on the combination of music and technology took 
my composing to a whole new level.
- Barry J. Cohen, Film Scoring Student

You inspired us to develop our creativity without being judgmental about the results, while at the same time making useful suggestions for improvement.
- Howard Miller, Music Technology Student

Vivian Song, Urban Sociologist

Advisory Board, Chinese (awaiting US citizenship status)

Mellany Paynter,  Author, Life coach 

Advisory Board, Trinidadian/American

photo Stacy Kendrick

Lara St. John, Board Member, Violinist,

Associate director​, Canadian/American

center for music and #collaborative arts

music is not a privilege. it's a necessity.

Meschida Philip, Documentary Filmmaker

Advisory Board,  Grenadian/American

Milica Paranosic, Founder, Executive director - Composers/Educator/Multimedia Artist


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